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SEASON ONE (1976-1977)

1. Knockin' On Your Door, Baby (Pilot, 90min.)
We meet Detective Nicholas David Kresky by way of Officer Eugene Muller, a straitlaced internal affairs accountant investigating the detective's expenditures from posing as a swinging single. But crime stops for no man and when Kresky experiences a break in an important case, Muller finds himself being dragged along into Kresky's down-and-dirty undercover world -- and getting a world-class lesson in police work into the bargain.

2. Bad Mojo In West Hollywood
When several sheets of lethal LSD fall into the possession of vengeful pusher Good Time Billy Ray, it's a race against time to keep him from distributing the drugs to the schoolchildren of LA. This episode introduces Dr. Pibb, the street smart African-American ex-con with a mysterious past, and establishes his enigmatic alliance with Kresky.

3. La Piñata del Muerte
Illegal immigrants are being smuggled across the border from Mexico and then forced to work as sweat shop slaves in a piñata factory until they die. Kresky teams up with Maria Movadar, a fetching INS agent, to bust the ring of slavers.

4. Disco Infernal
At discos all over LA, a dance floor psychopath is doing more than just cutting the rug; he's cutting the throats of beautiful young women. Can Kresky track him down before he claims his next victim?

5. The Naked City
A streaking bandit is terrorizing banks, liquor stores and public transportation all over the city, preying upon good citizens' sense of shame to commit his crimes. Kresky infiltrates an exclusive nude beach to "collar" the culprit.

6. Greyhairs and Greenbacks
At a Pasadena old folks' home, a group of impoverished senior citizens decide to pool their resources and form a counterfeiting ring, but when the local crime boss gets wind of their activity, they find themselves in hot water. It's up to Kresky to save their skins and set them back on the straight and narrow.

7. Mama Didn't Raise No Fools
As part of the Inner City Mentor Program, Kresky takes ghetto kid Hakeem under his wing and encourages his interest in boxing. But when Hakeem is framed for the shooting of a beat cop, only Kresky believes he didn't do it. It's time to call in Dr. Pibb and ask for a few favors.

8. Do Ya Dig?
Kresky is forced to go deeper undercover than ever before when he poses as abusive pimp Sweet Jojo in order to shut down a city wide prostitution ring. Things get complicated when the detective finds himself falling for one of his girls. What will he do when he's forced to choose between doing his job and saving the lady he loves?

9. Death Becomes a Legend Most
A wealthy heiress has confessed to a murder that only Kresky believes she didn't commit. Could it be that she's trying to hide a dark family secret that dates all the way back to the Golden Age of Hollywood and the glory days of the Third Reich?

10. Care Package of Terror
When Connie Sommers, a file clerk with the Internal Affairs Division, starts to receive frightening gifts from a serial killer, Commissioner Pratt decides to use her as bait to capture the madman -- despite Kresky's insistence that it's too dangerous. When the madman turns the tables on the cops and abducts Connie, only Kresky can save her from certain death.

11. Bring Me the Head of Iggy Morton
Iggy Morton is a small time street hustler who's just witnessed a big time gangland killing. After finally tracking the con man down at a downtown bar, Kresky handcuffs the man into the back of his 1970 Mustang Boss 302 to sleep off a hangover. But when the detective leaves the car momentarily at a gas station, it's stolen by a pair of teenage car thieves unaware of the human cargo in the back seat. Can Kresky locate Iggy and the young thieves before the mob killer does? And -- more importantly -- can he save his beloved car before it's stripped for parts?

12. Ain't That the Way?
It just isn't Kresky's week. Faced with an audit, Kresky gets involved in a fender-bender on the way to the IRS office with the female agent assigned to his case. As if that isn't bad enough, things turn downright lethal when the woman's estranged and abusive husband mistakes Kresky for his wife's lover and decides to exact his revenge. Now Kresky must protect the woman and her young son from a relentless psychopath who knows no mercy.

13. Immortality...Wholesale
High school athletes abducted in the night. A dead Interpol agent in the LA River. A frozen spleen on an LAX baggage carousel. Could they all be connected? That's what Kresky tries to discover when he goes head-to-head with a pack of Asian organ thieves.

14. Too Funky to Live
When night falls, Randy Andy Luv is the King of the Clubs: fashion plate, ladies man and smokin' dance sensation, but come sun-up Randy goes back to life as Andy Levine, a shoe salesman and two-time loser up to his eyebrows in debt. In debt, that is, until he comes up with the get-rich-quick scheme of robbing a local bookie. Now Andy is a marked man with over $500,000 in mob money. Can Kresky save him from ending up in a shallow grave?

15. Uncle Kresky
Kresky gets more than he bargained for when he tries to save a young female runaway from falling into the clutches of a vicious pimp and crime boss. First he ends up sheltering the high-spirited girl in his bachelor pad, a move that turns his swinging single lifestyle upside down -- but then things really heat up when Kresky finds himself not only the target of the vengeful pimp but also the girl's super-powerful industrialist father.

16. The Hot Tub Strangler

guest star, Ronald James
He chokes the life out of his beautiful victims as they lounge in their hot tubs and then disappears into the night without a trace. He taunts Kresky over the phone, daring him to put a stop to the rising body count. But could this he really be a she? That's what Kresky starts to believe as he closes in on the killer.

17. A Little from Column A
A mob boss is putting the squeeze on small business owners in Chinatown, but he'll get a taste of his own medicine when a certain undercover cop opens the only Szechwan-Polish restaurant on North Broadway. And when things get tough, Kresky is gonna be cracking open more than just fortune cookies.

18. The Disappearance of Mark
Jessica Moore is a stewardess who falls in love with and marries Mark, a handsome stranger, while on a weekend layover in Las Vegas. While driving home to Los Angeles to visit her parents, Mark mysteriously disappears in a truck stop. Even more mysteriously, no one seems to remember Mark even existed. Now the only one who believes her is an old family friend: Nick Kresky.

19. Losin' It in the Stretch
Obnoxious jockey Toby Reynolds has been making enemies by betting on and throwing his own races. The only thing that's keeping him out of the slammer is the dirt he has on crime lord and racing enthusiast Vinnie Costello. The question now is not whether Kresky keeps him alive long enough for him to testify, but whether the detective can keep from killing him himself.

20. The Phantom of the Picture Show
The old Mesopotamian Movie Palace is scheduled to be torn down and replaced by a fast food restaurant, but someone keeps sabotaging the demolition equipment and now workmen are starting to die in particularly gruesome "accidents". Could the rumors really be true -- could these incidents be the work of the same mysterious Phantom who terrorized the Mesopotamian's movie-goers back in the Thirties? It's up to Kresky to uncover the truth.

21. An Ax to Burn
Who's burning down Los Angeles fire stations? Kresky races against the clock to find out the answer as the firebug's conflagrations become increasingly more spectacular and destructive. As Kresky closes in on his quarry, he begins to believe that the madman is planning on burning down a station in the Hollywood hills for his grand finale -- an act that would surely turn the surrounding dry brush into a raging inferno. Will Kresky be in time to stop him?

22. Dead Men Do Tell Tales
When the corpse of a big time Hollywood agent turns up on the end of Kresky's father Jake's fishing line, Nick Kresky not only has to figure how and why the man was murdered but also how to stop his father from becoming the killer's next victim.

23. Evening the Score
An ex-con Kresky put away comes after the detective after getting our of prison and discovering his personal life in a shambles. Rather than simply killing the cop, he decides to destroy every aspect of his career and private life by systematically ruining his reputation.

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