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SEASON TWO (1977-1978)

24. The Schaudenfreuden Conspiracy (Part 1)
Before he can shut down an international cocaine smuggling ring, Kresky is framed for the murder of another cop. During a prison transfer, Kresky escapes and goes on the lam in an attempt to clear his name. But how long can he stay one step ahead of Interpol, the Feds, a trio of Nazi war criminals, an Argentinean drug lord, and his colleagues on the L.A.P.D.?

25. The Schaudenfreuden Conspiracy (Part 2)
Kresky traces the trail of evidence south of the border to an isolated airstrip in the Mexican jungle. There he discovers that cocaine smuggling is just the tip of the iceberg and that the real motivation behind the conspiracy may be a billion dollars worth of stolen Nazi gold. But will Kresky's enemies silence him before he can reveal the truth?

26. The Mermaids of Malibu
When the bodies of some refugee boat people wash up on a Malibu beach, Kresky receives some invaluable information from a mysterious young surfer girl. But when some locals tell him the girl is actually a mermaid, Kresky isn't certain what to believe.

27. The Great White Pope
Parolee and professional wrestler Ira Herlitzer (aka The Pope of Pain) is doing his utmost to atone for his troubled past as a bank robber. After doing his time and working hard to become a decent citizen, he is finally on the verge of winning back the trust of his ex-wife and children, not to mention his old pal Nick Kresky. Too bad Ira's slimy parole officer is trying to blackmail him into performing "one last job". Will Ira do the job - or will he take the law into his own hands? Kresky may turn out to be the Pope's last best hope.

28. Armored Heat
Determined to get into the police academy and become an officer for internal affairs, plucky Connie Sommers undertakes her own unofficial investigation of a series of armored car robberies that she believes were perpetrated by corrupt cops. But when Connie voices her suspicion to the wrong man in the department it looks like her number may be up. Lucky for her she's got Kresky on her side.

29. A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
After almost three years, has Kresky actually turned up the gun responsible for his fiancé's death? That's the question that faces the detective when he stumbles across a misfiled Saturday Night Special in a police evidence locker. Tracing the gun back to the now imprisoned street punk who owned it, Kresky wrestles with the demons of rage and grief. But did the man who's behind bars really do it? Or is he just a patsy to throw Kresky off the trail of the real killers?

30. Kresky and Goliath
Kresky befriends a learning-disabled Muscle Beach bodybuilder who has been conned into doing the dirty work for a Santa Monica loan shark. Can Kresky save this gentle giant before he gets in too deep?

31. Sunset Strip
Kresky unwittingly falls for stripper Sunset Vale who is being blackmailed by a crime boss to keep tabs on the detective. When Sunset discovers Kresky is being set up to be killed, she tries to break off contact with him, but Kresky won't let her go. How far will Sunset go to protect the man she loves?

32. The Low and the Mighty
When the body of a missing union boss turns up in a backyard septic tank, the case more than just stinks; it spells danger for Kresky. The dead man is only the first chapter in a lurid tale of graft and corruption that will lead the detective all the way to the upper echelons of the Supreme Court -- if he can stay alive that long.

33. Platform Soul
A mad bomber is blowing up soul-food restaurants in LA. Are these the acts of a racist extremist trying to make a statement or is it just meant to look that way? Kresky and Dr. Pibb band together to find out the truth.

34. Baby's Got Claws
Crime boss and street svengali Big Daddy Mink has the perfect system for staying out of the Big House -- he lets his women take the fall for him. Now the only way that Kresky can obtain the critical piece of evidence that will put Big Daddy away forever is to pose as a prison guard at a women's penitentiary. But, as Kresky soon discovers, the prisoners may be women.... but they ain't no ladies.

35. Little Girl Blue
Someone's killing Kresky's old lovers -- and Kresky is the chief suspect. But when the detective starts to receive troubling love letters from a deranged admirer, Kresky begins to wonder if he's being haunted by a ghost from his past.

36. Buying the Perfect Frame
When over a million dollars of heroin disappears from police lock-up and Captain Marino is implicated, it's up to Kresky to prove his boss was framed. But when corpses start piling up in Marino's apartment and the Captain is found drunk and naked in a brothel, apparently beating a prostitute, even the loyal detective's faith is shaken. If Marino isn't guilty, there can be only one person responsible for the frame-up, Gilles Larousse, the master con artist. Only one problem; Marino killed Larousse five years ago.

37. Tilt-a-Whirl of Death
After one of Kresky's informants turns up dead in a ride at a carnival sideshow, the detective goes undercover as a carny and finds himself up to his eyebrows in drugs and danger.

38. Premonitions of Murder
When a diabetic woman is abducted by a crazed loner, her desperate parents hire a celebrity psychic to aid the police in their race against time. The psychic and a skeptical Kresky take an immediate dislike to each other, but the woman gains more and more credibility with the force and public at large when her conveniently vague "premonitions" are seemingly confirmed with each new piece of evidence. The tables are turned when the crazed kidnapper abducts the psychic whom he believes can see straight into his soul. Suddenly, Kresky finds himself struggling to save his former rival.

39. Mr. Payback
When his apartment building is scheduled for demolition, Kresky is elected by his fellow tenants to dispute their case with the new owner. But when the landlord mistakes the detective for someone else and tries to put the big hurt on him, Kresky suspects there's more than just a little urban development going on. Something bad is going down -- and it's time for Kresky to clean it up.

40. Afternoon of the Ninja
When a Buddhist priest is killed by the cronies of a corrupt Senator, Kresky is on the case. But it soon appears that there is a vengeful assassin just one step ahead of the detective, dispatching the Senator's men one by one. Kresky catches up with the killer and is shocked to discover that it is a beautiful female ninja named Mika, sent by her Osaka dojo to exact a slow and terrible revenge on the politician. Can Kresky stop her from killing the Senator at an afternoon political rally? More importantly, can he stop himself from falling in love?

41. Bad Blood in Anaheim
Iggy Morton is back and this time he's pulling a foolproof real estate scam on a wealthy Texas oilman who, in turn, hopes to con a pair of Arab sheiks into buying the land. The deal sours when Iggy gets greedy and tries to double-cross the Bel Air rich kid financing the con. The kid sends his cronies after Iggy, and the deal goes sour when the Texan smells blood in the water. All hell breaks loose when the Arabs show up along with the psychopathic Afghanistan arms merchant to whom the kid owes a million dollars. Add to this the mysterious corpse that's turned up in Iggy's trunk and you've got a mess only Kresky can untangle.

42. Code of the Wild
Buck is a bounty hunter who's got a serious grudge against Kresky. While Kresky is supervising the transfer of a prisoner from Tahoe to LA, Buck swoops in to grab the prisoner for himself and collect a Mafia bounty on the man's head. But the prisoner escapes into the wilderness, forcing Kresky and Buck to go after him. Soon it becomes clear that Buck's grudge against Kresky has turned into a paranoid obsession as the detective and the bounty hunter find themselves locked in a desperate battle for survival from which only one of them can emerge alive.

43. The Late, Great Jake Kresky
After Kresky is scheduled to testify against a notorious Mafia don, his father is kidnapped by some hoods who threaten to kill him if the detective goes through with it. Now, Kresky has less that twenty-four hours to find his father, catch the bad guys and save the day.

44. Most Likely to Kill
Kresky goes to his high school reunion to discover that one of his former classmates is a transvestite psychopath hell bent on taking murderous revenge against the entire class. Chief on his list of enemies? A certain Nicholas David Kresky.

45. See, Speak, and Hear No Evil
When a blind ballerina accidentally touches a deaf-mute killer's face after he kills a woman in her building, she becomes his next target -- and the only man who believes her is Nick Kresky.

46. The One Left Behind
Benny Roscoe, Kresky's old army buddy who reportedly died in a POW camp, reenters the detective's life as a beachcombing artist haunted by his experiences during the war. Blaming himself for having left behind a friend he believed dead, Kresky is tortured with remorse -- until he realizes that this man is not who he claims to be. Could this be Benny's mentally deranged twin, come back to even an imagined score?

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