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SEASON THREE(1978-1979)

Guest Star Denise Crosby ("10," Star Trek: The Next Generation) hitches a ride to the photo shoot in episode 47, The Coming of Jackals

47. The Coming of Jackals
High fashion models are vanishing all over LA. When Kresky connects the disappearances to a five year-old unsolved abduction of an Orange County beauty queen and the murder of a French diplomat, he finds himself marked for death by a ring of Middle Eastern white slavers.

48. The Empire's Last Dangerous Man
When a shipment of plutonium goes missing downtown, Kresky is ordered to assist Derek Lane, a debonair English agent from MI6, in searching it out. As the plot thickens, Derek proves himself uncannily adept at getting out of tight scrapes, but hopelessly lost when it comes to the ways of the street. Kresky gives him a crash course in street smarts, but when the detective begins to suspect that the agent is not what he claims to be, it looks like it may be time for him to take out the Eurotrash.

49. Champagne and Roses in a Pine Box
Kresky is taken off a murder investigation against his wishes, and assigned to protect a celebrity romance novelist visiting LA on a promotional tour for her new book. Kresky does everything he can to get off the case -- until he starts to suspect that the previous homicide is somehow connected to her book.

50. The Hollywood & Vine Affair
When internal affairs officer Connie Sommers' younger sister disappears after going to an audition for a seedy Hollywood producer, there's only one person to whom she can turn. Kresky goes undercover as unemployed actor Grove Manlift to get to the bottom of things.

51. The Commune (Part 1)
After being forced by Captain Marino to take a long overdue vacation, Kresky heads up the coast for the Monterey Jazz Festival. At a truck stop somewhere along the way, Kresky is drugged and falls unconscious. He awakens in a mysterious hippie commune where everyone refers to him as "Moonflower" and answers to an unseen leader known only as "The Man". Kresky soon discovers that the Commune's facade of tolerance and free love is a sham. In truth, the place is prison where escape is impossible, free will is outlawed and "The Man" is enacting a dark and sinister agenda.

52. The Commune (Part 2)
Trapped in the commune, Kresky struggles to maintain his sanity while searching for a means of escape. When Kresky forges a pair of unlikely alliances in the form of a mentally disabled boy living outside the compound and an apparently sympathetic commune member, he begins to glimmer the real reason he was brought to the commune in the first place.

53. Kresky & Son
A pair of thugs mess with the wrong old fisherman when they try to force Jake Kresky to sign his fishing charter business away. Nick Kresky is on the case, but he may not be ready for what he uncovers when he tracks the goons down to a multimillion dollar oil corporation. Can Dad come to his rescue?

54. Cantrell
The episode that introduced Kresky's partner Wade Cantrell, a detective from Wheeling, West Virginia. After tracking the murderous gun runner who killed his sister across the country to Los Angeles, Cantrell joins forces with the LAPD and is partnered with the chief detective on the case: Kresky. A lone wolf by nature, Kresky initially resents the pairing and finds the deputy marshall's easygoing and outwardly naive manner grating. But before long, the two discover that their divergent styles compliment each other and make them a force to be reckoned with. After closing the case, Cantrell decides to take a leave of absence from his duties in West Virginia to study big city crimefighting methods as Kresky's partner.

55. Showdown at Los Huevos
Kresky and Cantrell head south of the border to pick up an important murder witness from a Mexican border town prison, but what starts out as a routine assignment turns into trouble when the weaselly witness gives them the slip and a vicious motorcycle gang turns the sleepy town into a war zone.

56. One Last Gag
An old buddy of Kresky's, Hollywood stuntman Buddy "Steel Plate" MacCall, leaves a cryptic message on the detective's answering machine. The next day Buddy dies doing a spectacular stunt. Or does he? Kresky suspects his old friend is alive and in trouble, but the only way he and Cantrell can get to the bottom of things is by posing as stuntmen on the same movie Buddy was working on. Can they find Buddy before they end up victims of the same stunt that supposedly claimed his life?

57. House of Smoke and Mirrors
Kresky and Cantrell are hot on the trail of an elusive cat burglar who happens to be a professional magician and illusionist. When they track the slippery prestidigitator down to the Magic Mansion, a private club for magicians, will they be able to escape from this house of mystery and illusion with their lives?

58. Asphalt Fever, Diesel Dreams
There's a trucker's strike going on, and all up and down the coast big rig "scabs" are being killed, their cargoes destroyed. Is it the work of a few union extremists -- or are there far darker forces at work? It's up to Kresky and Cantrell to find out when they pose as a pair of truckers hauling a load of avocados from LA to Fresno.

59. You Say Rodeo...
Are the murders at a Hollywood Hills ranch somehow connected to the mysterious disappearance of Rodeo Drive boutique owner Mr. Todd? The case calls upon the unique abilities of our detectives as Kresky receives an introduction to horseback riding while Cantrell gets a crash course in high fashion.

60. To Protect and Serve All Night
When a deranged fan starts trying to kill off members of the pop group Kiss, Kresky and Cantrell go undercover as rock 'n' roll roadies. But when it becomes clear that the would-be murderer is a member of the band's inner circle, the detectives decide to put themselves directly in harm's way by posing as lead singer Gene Simmons and drummer Peter Criss.

61. Curse of the Serpent's Kiss
Cantrell is cursed by a voodoo priestess after testifying in court against a Haitian boy who killed a cop. The detective laughs the episode off, but becomes gravely ill shortly thereafter. Is the curse real or has Cantrell somehow been poisoned? Determined to uncover the truth and save his partner, Kresky dives headlong into a twilight world of mystery, magic and murder to find himself face to face with a man who calls himself Death.

62. The Sad, Strange Ballad of Bobby Joe Cooper
Trouble follows Cantrell's good-for-nothing cousin Bobby Joe Cooper everywhere he goes -- including LA. It seems that Bobby Joe has fallen in with the wrong people and is looking for Cantrell and Kresky to bail him out -- before he ends up dead.

63. Man of a Thousand-and-One Faces
For years, Max Schneck's promising career as a celebrity impersonator and quick change artist has been systematically sabotaged by his hopeless gambling addiction. When Max runs afoul of some dangerous men in a Vegas poker game, they make an offer he can't refuse; impersonate a certain Los Angeles cop named Nick Kresky and destroy his career -- or die. Max agrees, but has a special agenda of his own: pulling off one last big con on cops and mobsters alike that will set him up for life.

64. Mail Order Murder
Kresky is shocked to return home to his apartment and find a Vietnamese woman there claiming to be his mail order bride. Kresky can't quite convince Cantrell that he has no knowledge of the beautiful young woman, especially when he refuses to throw her out on the street. Things turn serious when Cantrell learns that Kresky and the woman are the innocent pawns of an international crime syndicate.

65. Blood on the Wharf
Kresky and Cantrell pose as dock workers to bust a ring of murderous gun smugglers, but their cover is blown when Cantrell goes after one of the men he believes murdered his sister. The detectives are locked up in a derelict ship with a time bomb, and the situation becomes doubly desperate when Kresky realizes that Cantrell is suffering from food poisoning.

66. The Freeway Bandit
A daredevil motorcyclist know only as "The Freeway Bandit" is pulling off dramatic robberies on freeways all over LA, and no one can seem to stop him. The Freeway Bandit is fast becoming an urban folk hero until he accidentally causes a thirty-eight car pile-up that sets off a spectacular brush fire. No one seems to have any leads on this modern day highwayman; no one, that is, until Kresky and Cantrell follow a hunch to a circus with a fabulously skilled motorcycle daredevil. The detectives are certain they've found their man. Only one catch: their man is actually a beautiful young woman.

67. Save Me a Spot at Forest Lawn
An aging movie star obsessed with regaining her former fame hires a psychopathic hitman to kill her, believing that will seal her fate as a legend. But when her agent comes through with a movie role that would mean a comeback, she discovers that she can't call off the killer. Kresky and Cantrell are the only thing standing between her and a bullet.

68. The Lost Gold of Quintero
After thirty years of searching, Jake Kresky believes he's finally found the location of the lost treasure of explorer Juan Rodriguez Quintero. But can he get to it before a group of modern day pirates steal the treasure out from under him and leave him for dead?

69. Five Boroughs of Death (90 min.)
After a police corruption scandal shakes New York City to its very core, NYPD internal affairs needs someone from the outside to go in undercover. Manhattan police captain John Dooley calls in Kresky and Cantrell to sniff out the rat. But when several attempts are made on their lives, the detectives begin to wonder if they're being set up for a big fall. Add to this Cantrell's shocked discovery that his niece Penny is a Broadway chorus girl with the hots for Kresky, and you've got some big trouble in the Big Apple. [Filmed on location in New York]

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