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SEASON FOUR (1979-1980)

70. Lost Vegas (90 min.)
A savage hitman assassinates a series of LA's best cops and manages to slip out of the city before Kresky and Cantrell can spring their trap. Working with the unofficial approval of Captain Marino and in direct defiance of Commissioner Pratt's orders, the two detectives track the killer to Las Vegas and the Mob boss who pulls his strings. But once they've located their quarry, will the detectives choose to mete out justice or revenge?[Filmed on location in Las Vegas]

71. Squeaky Clean
Iggy Morton wants to make an honest man of himself by opening LA's very first disco carwash, the Wash 'n' Groove, but unknown to Iggy, his partner is using the operation to launder mob money. Can Kresky and Cantrell save Iggy from the mob and help him go straight?

72. Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
Pretty, young coeds at the University of California South are dying at the hands of a madman who is somehow managing to evade Kresky and Cantrell at every turn. As the death toll rises, Kresky starts to fear the killer my have made the detective's drama teacher girlfriend his next on the list.

73. Send in the Rodeo Clowns
To protect a female rodeo star marked for death, Kresky and Cantrell pose as rodeo clowns. But when the beguiling, manipulative woman starts playing the two of them against each other will it spell the end of their partnership?

74. The Wild Blue Yonder
A gang of high-flying outlaw pilots perform a series of daring robberies, always making their getaways by mini stunt plane. Kresky and Cantrell take to the air to stop them, but when their own pilot suffers a heart attack, will they be able to land the plane themselves?

75. Chained and Dangerous
Kresky and Cantrell go undercover as prisoners in a chain gang to get the goods on the corrupt warden, but when the bad guy's tipped off, the detectives must make a run for their lives through a snake-infested swamp, chained together at the ankles.

76. Don't Look Down
After suddenly developing a paralyzing fear of heights, Kresky begins to suspect that he may be suppressing something about his fiancé's murder. He goes to Dr. Gideon Flynn, a world-renowned psychiatrist in hopes that he may be able to recover the missing details under hypnosis. But is this Dr. Flynn really who he claims to be? Or has Kresky stumbled into the web of a most deadly spider?

77. Night of the Druid
While hiking on a weekend trip to Catalina with their girlfriends, Kresky and Cantrell stumble across a cult of druids with a penchant for human sacrifice. When Cantrell is wounded and their girlfriends abducted, it comes down to Kresky to put the fear of God into a pack of pagans.

78. Number One with a Bullet
To catch a sleazy record producer-cum-drug kingpin, Kresky and Cantrell pose as a pair of singers called Nacho & Phil. But will the pair end up singing with the fishes when the producer is tipped off by an informant? Features Kresky and Cantrell performing the Terrence Matterly song Born with the Movin' Feet.

79. Countdown to Oblivion
Cantrell cajoles Kresky into letting him borrow his Mustang for a weekend sightseeing tour of LA. Shortly thereafter, Kresky discovers that a bomb intended for him has been planted in the trunk, sending the detective on a mad scramble to save his friend (and his car).

80. Killing Cantrell
After receiving a head wound while under deep cover, Kresky comes to believe that he is his criminal alter-ego, hitman Whit Straczynski, and that his real identity is a cover to help him get close to and assassinate Cantrell.

81. Rendezvous In Devil's Canyon
Bitten by a poisonous snake while searching for a kidnapped boy in an isolated canyon, Kresky falls into a delirious state, teetering perilously between life and death. As Kresky's life slowly ebbs away, Cantrell must do his best to track down his partner before the kidnappers do. [The first episode directed by Terrence Michael Matterly]

81 and a half. City of Angels: A Kresky Christmas (90 min. special)
It's the season of giving -- and Kresky and Cantrell are gonna give some industrial-strength pain to a trio of wiseguys who have made off with the Madre de Dios Orphanage's Christmas fund. Along the way, they pick up a mysterious pregnant homeless woman who teaches the boys a little something about the true meaning of Christmas.

82. Deadheat Downtown
Cantrell is in the wrong place at the right time when he stumbles into the middle of a bank robbery in progress and finds himself one of the hostages of a multicultural trio of hoods. As Cantrell does his best to talk himself and his fellow hostages out of trouble, Kresky goes about saving the day by infiltrating the bank from the outside.

83. Keep the Faith, Sister
Kresky and Cantrell are assigned to protect Sylvia Horwitz, a celebrity feminist, after she becomes the target of a deranged man whose wife has left him. But who's going to protect the detectives when she takes them to task for their woman lovin' ways?

84. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
When an angel dust-crazed teenager at William H. Taft High School kills himself by improperly using the woodshop's drill press, Kresky and Cantrell are determined to track down the source of the drugs. Is it a pusher from the outside, a student or -- the most chilling possibility of all -- a member of the faculty? The detectives are close to an answer when the mysterious culprit throws the school into chaos by spiking the cafeteria's sloppy joes with PCP. As Kresky and Cantrell struggle to wrangle drug-addled students and faculty members alike, it looks as if this may become the detectives' darkest hour yet.

85. A September Frost
After experiencing a stroke, Jake Kresky refuses to admit he's no longer capable of piloting his fishing boat. The situation goes from dangerous to downright lethal when he decides to take on a pack of smugglers by himself and it looks like Nick and Cantrell may be too late to save him.

86. Equal Opportunity Hate
After a group of young anti-Semites fire bomb a kosher deli and seriously injure an aged rabbi, Kresky takes charge of enlightening one of the boys about the history of the Jewish people while tracking down the murderous ringleader of the gang.

87. Blind Justice
When Cantrell goes on the lam to protect an endangered informant, Kresky takes on the entire grand jury system by refusing to disclose Cantrell's location in court. Will Kresky's decision spell the end of his career as a cop?

88. Frozen in Time
After Kresky accidentally wounds and paralyzes Cantrell in a shootout, the guilt-stricken detective resigns from the force to do some serious soul-searching. Meanwhile, Cantrell meets and falls in love with a beautiful young paraplegic girl at the hospital. A dangerous and radical operation may give back to Cantrell the full use of his legs, but will it drive a wedge between the detective and his new love? And before he goes under the knife, can Cantrell convince Kresky to return to his true calling as a cop?

89. Barn Razing
Nash Oakley is desperate to save his farm from foreclosure, but someone out there is doing everything they can to stop him, including the murder of a farm hand. As the bank's deadline fast approaches, Nash calls in his nephew Nick Kresky to help him locate the rat, but things get complicated when Nash falls ill, Kresky's beautiful cousin falls for Cantrell and a raging barn fire threatens to send everything up in smoke.

90. Black Male
Kresky discovers the secret that a wealthy Bel Air businessman is desperately trying to keep blackmailers from revealing: He's half-black. While Kresky and Cantrell track down the extortionists, Kresky struggles to make the man accept and embrace his black heritage.

91. Enter Night
When a narcoleptic teen is mistakenly accused of robbing a liquor store, Kresky champions his cause and learns an important lesson about the boy's dangerous and disabling condition. [Directed by Terrence Michael Matterly]

92. Cry of the Coyote
After Philip Horse, a Native-American army buddy of Kresky's, asks for the detective's unofficial help in chasing down the killer of a federal agent on his reservation, Kresky finds himself inextricably involved in the reservation's struggle to avoid being "terminated" by the government. While Horse and Cantrell apply their tracking skills to find the murderer, Kresky goes on his own personal "vision quest".

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