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SEASON FIVE (1980-1980)

93. Monkey See, Monkey Do
Mario, street musician and lovable neighborhood eccentric, is gunned down in front of Kresky's apartment building and the only witness to the murder is his pet monkey Moochie. Kresky reluctantly adopts Moochie in hopes that he will be able to finger the murderer, but will the detective end up killing the hyperactive simian before the bad guys can?

94. Panic on Bikini Beach
To catch a literal lady killer haunting Venice Beach, Kresky and Cantrell pose as judges in a Bikini Contest. But is the murderer's next target the woman Cantrell loves?

95. With Love, From Cantrell
The fact that this episode tackles daring and groundbreaking subject matter doesn't save it from being universally reviled by both critics and fans alike as one of the worst installments of the series ever. After Kresky and Cantrell foil a fey KGB agent's assassination plot, he seeks his revenge by kidnapping Cantrell and brainwashing him into believing that he is in love with and must kill Kresky. [Directed by Terrence Michael Matterly]

96. Those Daring Young Lorenzes
The Soaring Lorenzes, a family of circus aerialists, are forced by a Paraguayan crime lord to pull off the daring heist of the Lazarus Diamond, but when the youngest member of the troupe stands up to the gangster, it looks like it may be curtains for the young man -- unless Kresky and Cantrell swing in and can save the day.

97. Knock On Wood
When Billy, a talented ventriloquist, is found with the body of a young woman and blames the murder on his missing dummy, Bobby, the police naturally assume he's insane. But Kresky and Cantrell begin to suspect that there's a little more to the story than meets the ear when they discover that Billy has a long lost midget brother named... Bobby.

98. Bang, Bang, Orangutan
When the body of a corrupt politician is found stuffed up his own chimney, Kresky and Cantrell begin to suspect that the animals from a travelling circus are being trained to perform Mafia hits. Will Kresky and Moochie be able to infiltrate the murderous menagerie as a trainer and his charge and stop a Senator from being killed by a sharpshooting orangutan?

99. Roll Over Kresky
Dr. Pibb is trying to go legit by opening a roller disco, but when some Mafia thugs come down on him, he has to call in a couple of favors from Kresky and Cantrell. The detectives go undercover as a pair of roller-skating entertainers. Features the brief dance craze inspired by the show: "The Moochie".

100. The Spotted Koala Caper
When a rare Spotted Koala is abducted during a transfer from the Sydney Zoo to the LA Zoo, Kresky and Cantrell are on the case, attempting to avert an ugly international incident. Help appears in an unlikely form when an aboriginal tracker named Bola joins the detectives to help recover his tribe's sacred animal.

101. Duel with the Devil
Could Satan himself be responsible for the deaths of young women all over the city? Kresky and Cantrell track the killer to a celebrity Halloween bash at the spooky, old Rowland Hotel where they engage in a final climactic showdown with the most unspeakable evil they have ever faced.

102. The Death of Nicholas David Kresky (Part One)
As Kresky lies dying of gun shot wounds in a hospital, surrounded by family and friends -- with the noticeable exception of Cantrell -- we flashback in time to find out how the detective got here. A week before Kresky comes to believe he's finally, truly found the man responsible for gunning down his fiancée. A dying Yakuza hitman sputters the name of Gustav Ozu, the Austrian-Japanese criminal mastermind the detective believed he had gunned down eight years before on a jungle trail in Vietnam. Against the protestations of Cantrell, Kresky turns in his badge and hops a plane to Hawaii to confront Ozu in his lair.

103. The Death of Nicholas David Kresky (Part Two)
Cantrell follows Kresky to Hawaii to stop him from taking the law into his own hands. Meanwhile, Kresky is dispatching Ozu's would-be assassins one by one in his search for the kingpin's hideout. Cantrell follows the trail of corpses to Ozu's island compound, getting there in time to join his partner in an apocalyptic gun battle in which they are both struck down. As the police and coast guard close in, Ozu makes his escape by helicopter. Flash forward to the hospital room where a comatose Kresky lingers near death. A wounded Cantrell arrives to relieve Jake Kresky of his late night vigil. A disguised Ozu appears and gets the drop on Cantrell, making the shocking revelation that he was also responsible for the murder of Cantrell's sister. It appears to be curtains for our heroes, but as Ozu prepares to put the fatal bullet into Cantrell, Kresky emerges from his coma and guns the villain down, saving the day one last time.

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