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Scotty O'Brien

Born: December 19, 1915; Kansas City, MO.

One of the most beloved and versatile character actors in television history, Scotty O'Brien has starred or co-starred in twelve different TV series. Although he will remain forever identified with the grizzled but lovable Polish fisherman Jake Kresky, many remember O'Brien for his ominous turn as the nameless host of Science Fiction Playhouse (1957-60) and his electric performances as crusading lawyer Matthew Lloyd in The Defense Rests (1962-66). Using his given name, Lester Pitts, the gangly actor made his film debut in 1942 in The Dustbowl Saga and moved on to leave his mark on such classics as The Life of Louis Pasteur (1948), Bartleby the Scrivner (1951), McMann of the F.B.I. (1965), and Sloane for Sheriff (1972). But television was always O'Brien's forte. The actor has worked continuously on the small screen since the mid-fifties, always displaying a depth and range of ability rarely acknowledged by the critics. In 1978, he received a much-deserved Emmy for his work on Kresky (the only Emmy the series received). His series include: The Blushing Bride (1955), Mercy Me (1961), The Montanan (1967-68), The Zero Mostel Hour (1971), The Annapolis Boys (1974), The Laughing Midwife (1975), Thatcher's County (1981-82), The Misadventures of Judge Drake (1984), The Magic Man (1986-87) and Coast Guard, U.S.A. (1989).

Honorary mayor of Van Nuys, California for nine years running, O'Brien currently resides in the San Fernando Valley with his third wife Patty.

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