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Kresky's Precinct
The Official Kresky Yahoo Club - Liked Kresky so much, you need to join the club? This is the place for you.

Hawaii Five-O
This encyclopedic companion to the long-running series includes sounds, images, articles and superior episode guides.

Green Stamps: The Starsky & Hutch Page
This site devoted to Kresky's chief TV rivals, includes episode guides, FAQs and summaries of the S&H novels (!).

The Quincy Examiner
This glossy site celebrates "Quincy" with a loving attention to detail that our favorite crusading coroner would have appreciated.

Rockford Files
An appropriately no-nonsense guide to the series about the cynical private eye who almost made living in a trailer cool.

CHiPs Online
A scarily slick and comprehensive resource for the "CHiPs" fan community. And yet it's somehow oddly comforting to know it's out there.

The Ultimate Columbo Home Page
Got "just one more thing" you need to know about the rumpled, relentless, mind-game playing detective? Chances are you'll be able to find the answer here.

Angelic Heaven
A vast archive of infotainment about "Charlies Angels", the series that shamelessly catered to America's voracious hunger for butt-kickin' hotties.

The Streets of San Francisco
Sadly, this site has yet to evolve into much more than a cyberspace signpost for this oft-overlooked series. Nevertheless, we salute the sentiment.

Erika & Rozane's Unofficial Emergency! Page
Erika and Rozane know quality TV when they see it. This site is a loving and meticulous celebration of the classic paramedic series.

Magnum, P.I.
This unofficial companion to the series some described as the "Kresky-lite" of the '80's includes episode guides, sounds and images.

Miami Vice
An indispensable guide to the series that defined cool in the '80's the way "Kresky" did in the "Me Decade".

Sites Celebrating the 70's
Nostalgic for the decade that brought you "Kresky"? Too young to remember? Or did you 86 your memory back in '77 at Studio 54? Well then, it's time to get funky again with these sites devoted to the 70's.

Stuck in the 70's
One woman's remembrances of the decade so close to heart. A word of warning, though: the riotous wallpaper and "I Will Survive" soundtrack that apparently can't be disabled are not for the hungover.

Cosmic Slop: Forgotten Pop of the 70's
The internet companion to 770 Radio K's weekly feature that brings you the best and worst of '70's music. Listen to the show through the magic of RealAudio!

70's Preservation Society
Not to be confused with the Audubon Society, this web sidekick of the radio program "70's Saturday Night", is a fine primer to the hits of the Watergate decade.

The Polyester Network
Your one-stop resource for the TV, movies and music of the '70's.

Friends of The Official Kresky Home Page
And finally we bring you our eclectic selection of websites from friends, associates and heroes of The Official Kresky Homepage staff.

Hypno Design
Cutting edge web development-visual design-creative think tank. And based in New Jersey. What more could you want?

The View Askewniverse
Home of Kevin Smith's View Askew Productions, which brought you such quality flicks as Clerks, Chasing Amy and Dogma. (We like to think we're kindred spirits just because we also hail from the Garden State. It's sad really.)

Gobler Toys
Spiritual cousins of The Official Kresky Homepage, those fine folks at Gobler Toys have brought joy to generations of kids with winning products like "Senor Sandwich" and "Darwin: The Evolving Chimp."

SIMI: The Search for Intelligent Monkeys on the Internet
If you took 100 monkeys, put them in a room with 100 typewriters and then utilized the processing power of personal computers all over the globe to analyze the output, this website is what you'd get.

Earth-M: The Mike Robinson Home Page
Take a walk on the academic side of pop culture by looking into the head of Mike Robinson: gentleman, scholar, entertainment consumer.

World of T.I.L.E.
"Your passport to Intrigue!" Immerse yourself in the glamour and excitement of the Cold War era with the Audrey Hepburn of espionage, Kitty du Mont.

WWWF Grudge Match
"Where Useless Knowledge Breeds Champions" The more intelligent, precursor to MTV's "Celebrity Death Match." Why don't these guys have a series?

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