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Jake Kresky (Scotty O'Brien)

Kresky's father Jake, a crusty Polish émigré with a deep sea fishing excursion business, frequently found himself running afoul of the wrong people and needing his son to bail him out. In the series fourth season, Jake was forced into semi-retirement after suffering a debilitating stroke.

Connie Sommers (Erin Lowe)

Kresky's inside source in the Internal Affairs Department was the plucky, long-suffering Connie Sommers, a file clerk who over the course of the series realized her dream of becoming a full-fledged investigating officer. Connie secretly carried a torch for the detective, but wisely understood that Kresky -- despite his many fleeting love affairs -- would be forever married to the memory of his lost fiancé.

Dr. Pibb (Ernest Malone)

Kresky's main man on the street was the enigmatic African-American ex-con Dr. Pibb. A sort of ghetto-ized Robin Hood, Dr. Pibb was an ominous, flamboyant figure; protector of the poor and underprivileged, scourge of drug pushers and slum lords. No great lover of cops or white people, the black vigilante had forged an uneasy alliance with Kresky over some often alluded to but never specified episode in their past. As a result, Dr. Pibb occasionally aided the detective on his more difficult cases and Kresky looked the other way when it came to his associate's outlaw brand of street justice.

Iggy Morton (Max Lentz)

Rounding out the program's stable of recurring characters was Iggy Morton the luckless street hustler who acted as Kresky's chief informant. One wonders, however, who the true beneficiary of this partnership was, considering that the detective spent much more time bailing his tipster out of trouble than reaping the rewards of any information Iggy sent his way. Iggy was forever in search of "the last big con" that would set him up for life as a legitimate business man. Despite an apparently sincere desire to go straight, time and again, Iggy proved himself chronically incapable of making a clean break of his criminal lifestyle. His half-baked entrepreneurial schemes -- whether they were the fast-food fondue joint or the topless wedding chapel -- always seemed doomed to go unrealized.

Moochie (Cap'n Ruggles)

As if the addition of a human partner hadn't been enough, Kresky also acquired an animal counterpart in the series' fifth and final season. Following the mysterious death of Mario, the organ grinder, outside Kresky's seedy apartment building, the detective reluctantly adopted the street musician's mischievous capuchin monkey, Moochie, in the hope that the simian would be able to identify his master's killer. The prank-loving Moochie promptly began his assault on Kresky's carefree bachelor lifestyle, but, somehow, even after the rambunctious primate had fingered the bad guy, he managed to stay just enough within the detective's good graces to avoid a trip to the zoo or the animal control wagon. Although Kresky never admitted it, the little monkey had wheedled his way into the detective's heart. In a few later episodes, Kresky even found a use for Moochie's unique talents in helping him conclude some of his more difficult cases.

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