We here at The Official Kresky Homepage never tire of tootin' our own horn. Here then is our shameless display of some of the awards, honors and accolades we received from the press and other kind parties.

Winner of Yahoo Internet Life Magazine's Best Fan Web Site for 2000!
"This impeccably detailed tribute to'the quintessential 70's crime drama' nails every convention of the form... Other sites should use this one as a model of how to enshrine their own obsessions." 12/23/99

"TV Best of Breed... Grade: A... Huggy Bear would be proud." -Gillian Flynn, Entertainment Weekly, July 16, 1999.

"THE Cool Pick of the Internet..."
July 27, 1999

Gateway Magazine - Featured in the Summer 2000 issue.

Pick of the Day -- August 6, 1999

Featured in's "Six Pack to Go"
July 24, 1999

Centre for the Easily Amused Award
September 9, 1999

Featured in The Weekly Alibi (Albequerque, NM) December 16, 1999. “You’ve got to hand it to the site’s creator for creating such a loving tribute to TV’s funkiest cop.”

"On this day of August 13, 1999 and henceforth everafter let it be known that Tim Madison of The Official Kresky Homepage, by virtue of his proper frame of mind and very insightful, in-depth and insane rendering of the world of Kresky, has earned the right to wear the badge of The Knights of Little Bohemia: Loyal Order of Hinkson... Thank you for pointing us toward Kresky. What a guy. What a series. What a model for the good life!"

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