Yet More Awards


"Your site is one of the few law enforcement sites on the WWW that truly communicates to the viewer the great deal of time and effort put into its creation... Congratulations, and remember STAY ALERT, STAY ALIVE!" -Hudson County, New Jersey Sheriff's Dept.
Sept. 30, 1999.

Centre for the Easily Amused Award
September 9, 1999

Amanda's Web Realm Silver Web Award

"Great job on your page. I especially liked the Kresky personality quiz."
August 27, 1999

JoyZine's Wonderful Website Award

"Though I'm no great fan of 'tribute' sites, yours is done with style and wit, and made me giggle."
August 18, 1999

  Creative Chances Award for Excellent Literary Content
August 30, 1999

 Page Cool Award G Page Cool Award
July 27th, 1999

Steliart Productions Cool Site Award:
"The Cool Site Award is issued to sites with good quality and that we consider as Cool Sites. Your site is an enhancement to the Internet Community and a result of hard work in general. As we do not award sites less than that, this recognition to you is for achieving a job Well Done. Congratulations!"
September 5, 1999

DynoWomyn Five Star Award
"You have done a great job of showcasing your content in an attractive and carefully thought out manner. Even your color scheme looks 70ish. Navigation is intuitive, download time excellent, and your use of graphics is subtle yet attractive."
September 2, 1999

Pure Illusion Awards "AWARD OF EXCELLENCE,"
August 27, 1999

Nem5 Too Cool To Move Web Award
August 27, 1999

Best site of the day, Aug 6, 1999
"Have you noticed how many old TV series have been archived on the Net? In the late 70's there were so many "formula" detective/cop shows on the Boob Tube, I lost track of them. Kresky is one I completely forgot until I saw the Show's archive. And, I must have been on drugs or something, because I am having the hardest time remembering more than one season. It hardly deserved one season, for sure."

"On this day of August 13, 1999 and henceforth everafter let it be known that Tim Madison of The Official Kresky Homepage, by virtue of his proper frame of mind and very insightful, in-depth and insane rendering of the world of Kresky, has earned the right to wear the badge of The Knights of Little Bohemia: Loyal Order of Hinkson... Thank you for pointing us toward Kresky. What a guy. What a series. What a model for the good life!"

"There is no doubt you worked long and hard to make the internet a better place."

-TACTICS Private Investigations
July 27, 1999.

Featured in's "Six Pack to Go"
July 24, 1999

Stanley Portal Hyatt Frontier Award

"I've stopped reading The Official KRESKY Homepage just long enough to congratulate you for winning the Stanley Portal Hyatt Frontier Award. I was beginning to think that I had only imagined watching Kresky on the tube back in the '70s and that the blown fuse look I get today when I mention Terrence Michael Matterly is just the blight of years creeping up on me. But now, thanks to you, I can comfortably soak in my recollections of that wildest of decades and that most capable of crime fighters: Nick Kresky. I am eternally in your debt. Excellent work! A stellar tribute!"

"...So after receiving 81 Frontier Award applications (yours is #82), I can at last present the 7th you...for a great, well-devised site. As a writer I salute you, and also as a reader."

Keepitsimplestu...(KISS) Websites award.."It is our opinion that Tim Madison is a sick man! Nevertheless, you have a truly outstanding website.."

HomeGrown Award of Excellence
"WIN... well designed and very easy to navigate! Excellent subject matter as well. Good work!"

New Zealand's Otakou Online Web Award

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