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Take our exclusive quiz and find out with which character from "Kresky", our favorite 70's cop show, you're most compatible!

So, you think you're down with Kresky just because you enjoy classic cars, hip clothes and a night on the town? Or maybe you figure you're simpatico with Cantrell because you share the rustic West Virginian's fondness for horses, Pez and the great outdoors. Or perhaps you're a Kresky novice and want to find out with which character you have the most in common.

Well, why not let our patented Kresky Personality Profiler take you beyond the merely superficial and get you inside the skins of these complex and absorbing television heroes? This quiz was specially designed by a panel of "Kreskperts" and 70's specialists to help you find your Kresky soul brother. Who will it be? Nick Kresky, the ultra-cool undercover detective? Wade Cantrell, the wily urban cowboy cop? Dr. Pibb, the African-American street avenger? Or Moochie, the mischievous and lovable capuchin monkey?

Please select the most appropriate answers to the following:

1. What's your sign?
A) -Aries
B) -Taurus
C) -Gemini
D) -Cancer
E) -Leo
F) -Virgo
G) -Libra
H) -Scorpio
I) -Sagittarius
J) -Capricorn
K) -Aquarius
L) -Pisces

2. A stormy day makes you feel:

A) -introspective
B) -excited
C) -irritable
D) -nervous

3. Which of these seems the most romantic weekend getaway?

A) -A house on the cliffs overlooking the ocean at Big Sur, beach combing at twilight.
B) -A cabin in the mountains at Big Bear Lake, stargazing from a porch swing.
C) -A five-star luxury hotel in the city; theater, art galleries and fine restaurants.
D) -Sun and fun on the lovely resort island of Catalina, partying and dancing till dawn.

4. What qualities do you look for first in a romantic partner?

A) -style and class
B) -warmth and sense of humor
C) -integrity and spiritual strength
D) -physical attractiveness and sexual chemistry

5. Who comes closest to fitting your idea of a hero?

A) -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
B) -Albert Einstein
C) -Malcom X
D) -Harpo Marx

6. Which of these classic films is your favorite?

A) -Casablanca
B) -Rear Window
C) -The Seven Samurai
D) -The Wizard of Oz

7. What are you most afraid of?

A) -Heights
B) -Tight, enclosed spaces
C) -Water/drowning
D) -Spiders/insects

8. Your dream occupation would be?

A) -Wandering Buddhist monk
B) -Astronaut
C) -President of the United States
D) -Movie star

9. Your favorite American folk hero is:

A) -Paul Bunyan
B) -Johnny Appleseed
C) -John Henry
D) -Sasquatch/Bigfoot

10. Which smell do you prefer?

A) -The breeze off the ocean just before a storm.
B) -The scent of woodsmoke on a crisp autumn morning.
C) -The aroma of freshly baked bread cooling on a window sill.
D) -The fragrance of tropical flowers carried on a warm tradewind.

11. If you were a natural disaster, which would you be?

A) -An 8.5 earthquake
B) -A raging forest fire
C) -A massive volcanic eruption
D) -A rain of frogs

12. Tales of mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle are:

A) -nothing more than a series of coincidences and hoaxes.
B) -possible evidence of extraterrestrial abductions or a dimensional vortex.
C) -a government cover-up of illegal military activities.
D) -Don't know, don't care.

13. Which of the following works would you be most inclined to regard as an inspirational text?

A) -Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig
B) -The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
C) -The Art of War by Sun Tzu
D) -Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

14. You're in a standoff with a crazed terrorist. He uses an elderly nun as a shield and threatens to kill her if you don't drop your weapon. You know he isn't bluffing. What do you do?

A) -Throw him your weapon, hoping to get a drop on him with your back-up piece when he lets his guard down.
B) -Negotiate with him to take you in exchange for the hostage.
C) -Take the possible risk of killing the hostage and try to take him out with a shot to the head.
D) -Call for back-up.

15. What must you know about a person before you can become physically intimate with them?

A) -That they seem to possess an "inner beauty".
B) -A little something about their hopes, their dreams, what they were like when they were children.
C) -A thorough background check to determine that they are what they claim to be and have no hidden agendas.
D) -That they're foxy.

16. Which of the following sounds most like a possible past life for you?

A) -A Native American shaman
B) -A wandering Renaissance minstrel
C) -A ronin, a samurai warrior without a master
D) -A Medieval court jester who was burned at the stake for heresy

17. Perfect love is:

A) -once in a lifetime.
B) -just around the corner.
C) -an illusion.
D) -frequent and fleeting.

18. How does this quote from Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull make you feel?

"To begin with… you've got to understand that a seagull is an unlimited idea of freedom, an image of the Great Gull, and the whole body, from wingtip to wingtip, is nothing more than thought itself."

A) -Uplifted
B) -Baffled
C) -Annoyed
D) -Bored

19. The object we'd be most likely to find in your home is:

A) -a hot tub.
B) -a barbecue.
C) -a punching bag.
D) -"Rock'em Sock'em" Robots®

20. If you could travel back in time and assassinate Hitler, you would:

A) -abduct him and bring him back to the present to stand trial for his crimes against humanity.
B) -not do it, feeling that you have no business deciding the course of human history.
C) -kill him stone-cold dead.
D) -leave the decision to someone else and use the time machine for your own purposes.

21. With which of the following "Star Wars" characters do you most identify?

A) -Han Solo
B) -Luke Skywalker
C) -Darth Vader
D) -Chewbacca

22. Which of the following Native American names best describes your inner essence?

A) -Stormheart
B) -Laughing Bear
C) -Fire At Night
D) -Runs With Raccoons

23. If you had an animal spirit guide, what would it be?

A) -A wolf
B) -A fox
C) -A leopard
D) -A gorilla

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